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Case Study | South Florida Municipality Solves Seasonal Staffing Shortage

The Staffing Situation

  • A South Florida municipality sought a staffing solution to help overcome the challenge of recruiting and retaining a reliable and flexible hourly workforce across a variety of seasonal positions.
  • In 2019, Spur Staffing was awarded the temporary staffing contract for eight seasonal positions based on its customized approach to staffing hourly positions and its proven ability to scale hourly workforces up or down in a moment’s notice.
  • The partnership has allowed the South Florida municipality to experience improved workforce flexibility, reduced administrative burdens, increased operational efficiency, extensive cost savings, and most importantly, a solution to their seasonal staffing shortage.
  • The South Florida municipality recently awarded a second staffing contract to Spur Staffing for grounds, streets, and maintenance positions, indicating continued growth in this successful collaboration.

The Staffing Challenge

South Florida is a popular vacation destination, attracting millions of tourists each year during summer and holiday breaks. This seasonal influx of tourism is essential to the survival of many hotels, restaurants, shops, and other local attractions; however, it can also create serious staffing challenges for businesses that rely on seasonal employees to handle the extreme increases in demand. For one South Florida municipality, it led to significant staffing shortages – which began negatively impacting daily operations, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, their reputation as a world-class provider of luxury shops, restaurants, and beachfront resorts. 

Home to approximately 9,000 residents and a popular vacation spot for over 8 million tourists annually, the South Florida municipality needed help recruiting and retaining reliable employees for a wide variety of seasonal positions to ensure that their local economy continued to flourish. Their diverse range of workforce needs ranged from lifeguards, vehicle technicians, mechanics, general laborers, parking enforcement officers, golf course associates, and tennis attendants. Recruiting and retaining temporary, hourly employees for these positions proved to be a time-consuming process, and the South Florida municipality struggled to find quality staff quickly and efficiently. Located in a picturesque seaside community in one of the wealthiest zip codes in the United States, the South Florida municipality decided to seek help from staffing agencies nationwide in order to help them overcome this potentially devastating staffing crisis.

The Staffing Solution

After conducting a thorough evaluation of various staffing agencies, the South Florida municipality awarded the temporary staffing contract to Spur Staffing in 2019. Spur specializes in providing diverse staffing solutions for industries whose success depends on the quality and reliability of an hourly workforce. Specifically, Spur has a proven track record at helping organizations in the following industries overcome the costly and time-consuming challenges associated with recruiting, developing, and retaining hourly employees: building and ground maintenance, events and hospitality, healthcare, industrial and manufacturing, parks and recreation, and more.

The secret to Spur’s success in being able to staff a wide range of hourly positions in a moment’s notice can be found in their customized approach to staffing and their proprietary staffing software.  For each and every customer, Spur starts by building a deep understanding of their business processes and creates a customized staffing solution that blends in seamlessly with their daily operations. While this customized approach may sound time-consuming and costly, Spur’s proprietary staffing software enables them to implement the customized staffing solution swiftly and at a responsibly lower cost compared to other staffing providers.

The Staffing Impact

For the South Florida municipality, Spur’s flexible approach to staffing powered by their state-of-the-art staffing software enabled them to scale their hourly workforce up or down quickly, ensuring that they always had the right number of hourly employees to cater to the fluctuating needs of their residents and tourists. This greatly improved the operational efficiency and cost savings of the South Florida municipality, resulting in better community services and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The partnership with Spur Staffing continues to be a successful one, leading to improved workforce flexibility, reduced administrative burdens, increased operational efficiency, extensive cost savings, and most importantly, a solution to their seasonal staffing shortage. The success of this partnership has led to the South Florida municipality awarding a second staffing contract to Spur for grounds, streets, and maintenance positions.


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