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Staffing for the hard at work.

We know you work hard to deliver exceptional products and services to your customers. That’s why we’ve developed commercial staffing software and services that make recruiting, developing, and retaining the hourly employees who power your organization more efficient, effective, and affordable.


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Onboarding + Training

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Commercial Staffing Solutions

At Spur, we oversee and manage every aspect of the employee lifecycle from recruitment to retention. We do it all, and we do it faster, smarter, and more affordably than our commercial staffing competitors (thanks to the power of our proprietary staffing software).

Whether you’re looking to fill on-demand, short-term, or long-term positions, we’ve got all of your commercial staffing needs covered.

Position Specialties

From event staff to maintenance workers to prep cooks (and more), we’re proficient in and passionate about powering the progress of hardworking hourly employees and the commercial organizations they serve. Regardless of whether you need highly skilled or general labor, we’re experienced and equipped to ensure that your commercial staffing needs are qualified and covered with the happiest, hardest-working hourly employees in your industry.


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Benefits of Spur Staffing

We’re a people-focused organization obsessed with service delivery. With Spur, you get a more efficient and effective commercial staffing experience at a responsibly lower cost.

Commercial staffing solutions shouldn't cost your organization a fortune. Which is why we take a low-cost, responsible approach to pricing. On average, our customers save upwards of 20% when switching from other commercial staffing providers. No hidden fees. No implementation costs. No costly surprises.

There’s a faster, better, smarter way to manage your hourly employees, and we’ve developed cutting-edge commercial staffing software to prove it. No more cumbersome paper time cards, confusing requisition processes, or burdensome new hire paperwork to sort through. Now, you can easily access and manage it all from your computer or phone at the click of a button.

We work hard for the hard at work. That’s why we provide our commercial staffing customers with 24/7 support. While we make it easy for you to access any training, tools, and resources that you may need, we’re also here for you whenever you need us by email, phone, chat, or text.

With our proprietary commercial staffing software and focus on employee satisfaction we’re able to provide our commercial staffing customers with increased fill rates, higher retention rates, and happier hourly employees at a more affordable price. With an average company-wide fill rate range of 95-98%, we fill more jobs at a lower cost than other commercial staffing providers. If that doesn’t make you smile, then we don’t know what will.

Commercial Staffing Success Team

With over 10+ years of working together to provide quality service and support to our commercial staffing customers, we can assure you that our team has the depth and breadth of experience to successfully deliver on our promises and exceed your commercial staffing needs.

Our team is our pride and joy, and we know that when you choose to work with Spur, they’ll quickly become yours too.

Spur Staffing COO

Crystal DiFrancesca

Crystal is a dedicated professional who values the meaningful work that she does at Spur. Since 2016, she has developed and managed Spur’s exceptional customer support operations. In addition, Crystal also oversees all HR functions at Spur – supporting over 6,000 team members nationwide.

With her profound understanding of the HR requirements for completing background checks, verifying I-9 forms, approving worker qualifications, conducting employee training sessions, and managing worker’s compensation claims, she leads her team to successfully achieve 100% HR compliance – every single day.

Crystal is truly exceptional. Not only does she maintain 100% HR compliance, but she leads the customer support team to a 90% customer satisfaction rating by ensuring that 1) support calls are answered within 90 seconds; 2) support calls are resolved within 3 minutes; and 3) support emails, texts, and chats are addressed within 1 hour. Crystal understands that time is precious, and she works hard to ensure everyone gets more time back in their day to focus on what truly matters.

Outside of work, she loves spending quality time with her family doing crafts, and engaging in outdoor activities.

Spur Staffing CTO

Steve Daily

Steve has known that he wanted to work with computers since high school. He started classes there and went on to get a degree in Computer Science. He worked as a government contractor for 8+ years joining Spur as part of our payroll engineering team and has since become the lead of the engineering department.

Spur Staffing Accountant
Director of Accounting + Payroll

Jennifer Hailey

After a successful accounting career at the US Space and Rocket Center, a global attraction for space enthusiasts, Jennifer decided to set her sights on new challenges and adventures when she joined Spur in 2016 as our Director of Accounting. She works closely with Spur’s customers to customize invoicing to their specific needs so reconciliation is simple and easy.

In addition to providing exceptional accounting, billing, and payroll support to Spur’s customers and employees, Jennifer and her team maintain a 16-day sales outstanding (DSO), 99.5% accurate and complete weekly payroll & billing, and 100% compliance with all federal and state payroll and business taxes.

When Jennifer isn’t buried in a spreadsheet, she loves to cook, fish, and travel.

Spur Staffing Recruiter

Amanda Sanders

Amanda is a passionate professional who brings a wealth of experience and empathy to her role as a Recruiter at Spur. With over two years of dedicated service to the company, she recently achieved a well-deserved promotion to focus on supporting the Pre-K & Special Education position categories. Beyond K-12 jobs, Amanda supports a number of commercial position categories, including events and hospitality. 

Her journey into recruiting is steeped in a deep understanding of the educational landscape, having previously worked as an aide within school environments. This hands-on experience provided her with invaluable insights into the unique demands and nuances of these roles, allowing her to expertly navigate the recruitment process.

Amanda’s approach is rooted in her genuine care for both the institutions she serves and the individuals she recruits. She leverages her firsthand knowledge of the school environment to identify and attract candidates who not only possess the requisite skills but also resonate with the ethos and demands of these specialized positions.

Her dedication goes beyond just filling roles; Amanda is committed to finding individuals who are not only qualified but also passionate about making a meaningful impact in the lives of students. Her empathetic nature and understanding of the educational system enabled her to build strong connections with both candidates and educational institutions, ensuring a seamless and beneficial match for all parties involved.

Amanda’s commitment to excellence, coupled with her profound understanding of the educational landscape, makes her an invaluable asset to Spur and the educational institutions she supports. Her role as a dedicated Spur recruiter embodies her passion for fostering the growth and success of educational communities.

Spur Staffing Recruiter

Tyeshia Robinson

Tyeshia is an unstoppable force in the realm of K-12 education recruitment, fueled by an unwavering passion for guiding individuals toward their ideal career paths. She brings an unparalleled level of enthusiasm and dedication to her role, embodying a high-touch approach that ensures candidates feel valued and supported throughout the recruitment journey.

Drawing from her extensive experience in implementing highly effective recruitment strategies, Tyeshia seamlessly applies her proven best practices, honed through successful tenures in Alabama and Georgia school districts. 

Beyond her professional prowess, Tyeshia finds joy in family moments, cherishing quality time spent with her husband and their energetic twins. When she’s not immersed in the dynamic world of recruitment, you’ll likely find her creating cherished memories and relishing life’s simple pleasures with her loved ones. Tyeshia’s commitment to nurturing both professional and personal fulfillment reflects her unwavering dedication to making a positive impact, both within the education sector and within her own vibrant family life.

Spur Staffing Specialist
Customer Success Specialist

Derinda Moody

Derinda is an experienced professional with a wealth of knowledge in education, behavioral science, and human resources. She holds a degree in Criminal Justice from Athens State University, and she has over 28 years of experience working with students, parents, and educators to help them become the best versions of themselves.

Derinda started out her career at Spur as a Substitute Teacher in 2018, and she was quickly promoted to a position as a Special Education Paraprofessional. In 2019, Derinda received another promotion and became a Community Support Representative at Spur’s corporate headquarters.

Nowadays, Derinda serves as the primary point of contact for many of Spur’s commercial and education staffing customers – working tirelessly to ensure that we are delivering an exceptional customer experience to each and every one.

With her sharp skillset and unyielding determination, Derinda has proven to be an invaluable asset who always seeks new ways to help others reach their goals. Derinda truly lives by her motto: Try to end every conversation with a positive or encouraging thought.

Spur Staffing Specialist
Customer Success Specialist

Vickie Lawrence

Vickie is an astute professional with an extraordinary capacity for uniting and leading teams to reach their peak performance. With impressive experience in human resources, communications, and account management – she is a master of strategizing, problem-solving, and cultivating strong relationships.

At Spur, Vickie is responsible for guaranteeing a successful hire rate by providing cutting-edge training, support, and coaching. Equipped with a sharp intellect and sparkling charisma, Vickie has completely devoted herself to data-driven success while keeping transparency and collaboration at the forefront. Her energy and enthusiasm are sure to drive any organization’s objectives forward.

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