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Accelerating student achievement through after-school and summer programs.

We understand the negative impact that time outside of school can have on student learning. That’s why we’ve developed a turnkey, prescriptive approach to after-school and summer programs proven to improve student literacy and math proficiency, enhance student engagement, and ultimately, overcome student learning loss.

We understand the negative impact that time outside of school can have on student learning.

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“The data revealed that students who participated in the Afterschool Labs program had shown academic growth and higher attendance rates. Plus, Afterschool Labs eliminated the internal hassles that are associated with operating after-school and summer programs. Our teachers and students are excited about the after-school and summer programs.”

Dr. Tanya Guin, Director of Elementary Education

Dr. Tanya Guin
Director of Elementary Education





Student Achievement
Data Analysis




Extended Learning Services

At Afterschool Labs, we oversee and manage every aspect of your after-school and summer programs. From staffing, training, and payroll processing to curriculum development and supply procurement, we do it all – and we do it with a focus on enhancing student achievement, engagement, and soft skills development.

Whether you’re looking to implement an after-school or summer program offering, we’ve got all of your extended learning needs covered.

Impact of Afterschool Labs

With Afterschool Labs, you get a comprehensive after-school and summer program designed to meet the specific needs of your school district – without the administrative burden of managing the after-school and summer programs yourself.

Accelerate student
recovery + achievement.

During extended school breaks, students lose an average of 20% of school-year gains in reading and 27% of school-year gains in math; however, Afterschool Labs has proven to enhance student achievement and prevent learning loss. Studies have found that students attending Afterschool Labs have an overall average of 20.4% growth differential when compared to non-participating students, stopping seemingly inevitable learning loss in its tracks.

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Improve teacher
retention + satisfaction.

In addition to accelerating student achievement, Afterschool Labs supports the development, satisfaction, and retention of your teachers and staff by hiring them to implement your after-school and summer programs. Not only does this provide your teachers and staff with additional time to impact student learning, but it provides them with additional professional development and earning opportunities – which has proven to increase teacher retention and ensure program success.

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administrative burdens.

Not only does Afterschool Labs benefit your students and teachers, but it benefits your administrative staff as well by providing a turnkey after-school and summer learning solution. From managing personnel to developing curriculum to overseeing daily operations, Afterschool Labs handles every aspect of implementing and managing your after-school and summer programs to ensure that your school district has more time, money, and attention to invest into the regular school day.

Meet The Team

Afterschool Labs Success Team

Composed of former superintendents, educators, and curriculum specialists, our team has been thoughtfully staffed with individuals who have the same professional expertise and values as you. With an intrinsic passion for helping students and teachers grow to be the best and brightest versions of themselves, we can assure you that our team has the depth and breadth of experience to successfully deliver on our promises and exceed your after-school and summer program needs.

After-school vice president
Vice President of Educational Services

Mark McCrory

Mark McCrory is an educational leader with over 27 years’ experience. Mr. McCrory served in several school districts throughout the state of Alabama as Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Director of Federal Programs, Director of Elementary Programs, Director of Assessment & Accountability, Director of Professional Development, Principal of a 100% Title I elementary school, Principal of a Top 10 State of Alabama Elementary School, High School Principal, and teacher/coach. Mark believes in partnership principles through a growth minded approach focusing on individuals’ abilities to lead their own learning. He is a former state Technology Innovative Award winner.

Mark’s greatest attribute is his love for students and helping all see the need for safe, fun, engaging, life-long learning everyday all day.

After-school executive director
Executive Director of Student Achievement

Dr. Camille Wright

Dr. Wright is an experienced and knowledgeable education professional – with a 30-year track record of making positive changes in the fields of instructional improvement, educational leadership, and curriculum and instruction.

As a former Principal, Superintendent, and Director of Alabama Career & Technical Education, she has achieved great success in her role in secondary education.

Dr. Wright currently works for Afterschool Labs as the Executive Director of Student Achievement – utilizing her extensive experience to provide guidance and expertise to educational institutions. Her dedication and enthusiasm for educational progress make her an inspirational leader whose passion is changing lives through education.

After-school executive director
Executive Director of Curriculum + Instruction

Elena McCrory

Elena is a highly experienced and dedicated professional with an impressive career that spans 26 years of success. Before joining the Afterschool Labs team, she spent 26 years as an Educator with Huntsville City Schools in Alabama. While at Huntsville City Schools, Elena served as the Math Coach during her last three years there.

During this time, she worked extensively with PreK – 6th grade students to help them develop positive math practices and skills. With her enthusiastic approach, Elena was able to build strong relationships with many learners, and she is still known for inspiring excellence among her colleagues.

Her engaging personality, unparalleled experience, and commitment to education make her an invaluable asset in any setting.

Tiffanye Mitchell
Head of School District Partnerships

Tiffanye Mitchell

Tiffanye has spent her entire career in K-12 Education, most recently serving as the Special Education Coordinator and 504 Coordinator for Cullman County Schools, Alabama.

Upon retirement, Tiffanye joined Afterschool Labs as our Head of School District Partnerships. In this role, she is responsible for ensuring the success of Spur in delivering staffing services to our School District partners. From implementation to contract renewal, she obsesses over every detail to build long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.

After-school program manager
Education Program Manager

Darren Douthitt

Darren Douthitt is a lifelong educator with 32 years of education experience ranging from teacher to superintendent. He resides in Dearmanville, Alabama, with his wife, Tonya, and their son, Jaren. Passionate about shaping young minds, he has dedicated his career to fostering learning and growth in his various roles.

After-school program manager
Education Program Manager

Veronica Haley

Veronica Haley is a former school administrator with a deep passion for children’s education. In addition to her professional roles, she is a devoted mother of three young adults, cherishing the role of guiding and nurturing her own children. Her faith plays a significant role in shaping her perspective on education, emphasizing the importance of compassion, empathy, and the belief in the unique potential of every individual.
After-school program manager
Education Program Manager

Ivy Murry

Ivy Murry retired after 25 years of working in the Enterprise City Schools System of Alabama. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa), a master’s degree from Alabama State University (Montgomery), and a certification in administration from Auburn University Montgomery.

As a classroom teacher, Ivy earned National Board Certification in 2002 and received recertification in 2012. She began her educational career as a P.E. paraprofessional in 1993 and later moved into the classroom as a teacher. After serving numerous years in the classroom, Ivy became an instructional coach later retiring from public education as an administrator in 2019. Ivy’s personal philosophy is all about continual growth, no matter the age. She is a Christian and a lover of people.

After-School Program Manager
Education Program Manager

Tracy Penney

Tracy Hayes Penney served as a Kindergarten, 1st, and 3rd grade Teacher, Assistant Principal, and Principal in her 32-year career. She is married to John Penney, and they have three children and seven grandchildren. She enjoys reading, traveling, serving in her church and community, and being with family and friends.

After-school program manager
Education Program Manager

Allen Malone

Allen C. Malone is a retired educator of more than 25 years. He has worked with students ranging from kindergarten to college. In addition, he is also a retired veteran with multiple years of increased responsibility, which included one deployment experience during Operation Enduring Freedom. His experience includes the following:

  • Former teacher and school administrator
  • Professional Development Trainer
  • Former Student Support Director at Drake State Community and Technical College
  • Former Member Teacher Education Council at Alabama A&M University
  • Former Adjunct Professor at Alabama A&M University
  • Retired Signal Communications Officer

Mr. Malone has acquired a very diverse skill set that enables him to work groups of various dynamics. In addition, he regularly seeks out ways to positively impact our future generation of scholars by finding ways to reach them through mentoring, academic advising and tutoring.

After-school operations manager
Operations Manager

Chris Dayton

Chris Dayton has a background in Business and Engineering, spending the last several years focusing on Business Operations, Logistics, Customer Service, and Process Flow Optimization.  Chris believes in focusing on the needs of the customer and making sure they have everything required to be successful in their mission.  He brings a wide range of experience from Siemens, NASA, BellSouth, radio dispatch services, manufacturing, a non-profit library, and even a fireworks company.  Chris is inspired by the impact Afterschool Labs has in the community and is dedicated to maximizing student potential.  In his spare time he is a voracious reader, leads a book club, hikes, camps, and rides motorcycles.

Spur Staffing Accountant
Director of Accounting + Payroll

Jennifer Hailey

After a successful accounting career at the US Space and Rocket Center, a global attraction for space enthusiasts, Jennifer decided to set her sights on new challenges and adventures when she joined Spur in 2016 as our Director of Accounting. She works closely with Spur’s customers to customize invoicing to their specific needs so reconciliation is simple and easy.

In addition to providing exceptional accounting, billing, and payroll support to Spur’s customers and employees, Jennifer and her team maintain a 16-day sales outstanding (DSO), 99.5% accurate and complete weekly payroll & billing, and 100% compliance with all federal and state payroll and business taxes.

When Jennifer isn’t buried in a spreadsheet, she loves to cook, fish, and travel.

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